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JAMES is a modern aviator featuring a key-hole bridge in deep maroon.


As the widespread use of smart phones and tablets increases, people are exposed to more blue light today than ever before. Our digital devices emit strong blue light or HEV light which scatters easily, reducing contrast and adding to eye fatigue.


Blue light, has always been around us, but with increased screen times, the greater the risk of exposure to blue light and their damaging effects. Strong blue light waves are emitted not just from our cell phones and tablets but also laptops, TV screens, and LED lighting.


Our blue light blocking technology reduces harmful rays, ultimately protecting your eyes and reducing the long-term damaging effects on your eyes.


The JAMES is a  hand polished premium cellulose acetate frame.


The digital lenses come with premium polycarbonate lenses with backside anti-reflective and blue light blocking coatings. Polycarbonate lenses are the most impact resistant lens material on the market today.


Buy 1, Give 1: For every pair of glasses sold, we donate a pair of glasses to someone in need.


SKU: 5412245196731





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