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Genius Vision NVR is an easy-to-use video surveillance system that allows you to monitor and control up to 256 cameras from a single interface. The program offers a web interface for viewing, configuring and scheduling the recordings. The client-server architecture allows you to add and remove cameras from any location and to monitor remote devices. The application is designed with ease-of-use in mind, so you are able to monitor up to 256 cameras without any problems. No advanced skills are required, which makes this solution perfect for home owners as well as institutions. Genius Vision is compatible with a wide range of cameras including webcams and IP, USB or RTSP camera IP cameras. You can group the devices into channels and configure the access rights for each user separately. To be able to watch the live streams online, a camera registration is required. The record schedule can be as short as a couple of hours and up to a week. The program includes features such as detailed logging, password protection and remote monitoring. If you need a more advanced functionality, you can always download the commercial version. The program allows you to monitor and record various devices from a web interface, or you can download the desktop client and use it as a standalone monitor. Key features: - Support for 128, 256 and more cameras - 10 pre-configured layouts with adjustable picture proportions - Web interface for the management of the cameras and recordings - Web server component for controlling and monitoring the cameras remotely - Smart scheduling tool for scheduling recordings - Password protection - Logging - Remote monitoring - Full-featured client for the desktop - Genuine demo version A good app for companies with a lot of cameras It is the most customer friendly software that I've tried since it's so easy to use! The interface is very simple to navigate and you'll be up and running in minutes. This is an all-in-one software for people who want to stream their camera feed online. It can integrate with as many IP cameras (or a mix of IP and other types) as you want. In addition, it's a multi-user software and you can configure passwords on user accounts. There is also a simple scheduling feature that allows you to schedule how often you want a camera to be recorded. Feature Comparison to the Genereal Video Surveillance Software: The major benefits of this software are that it is very user-friendly and easy to operate. This is a good solution for a a5204a7ec7

Genius Vision NVR is the simplest way to connect multiple cameras from any manufacturer to a server in order to remotely monitor video feeds. This software is a combination of the best features of popular commercial surveillance suites and a direct access to the source code. Intuitive web-based interface: The interface allows you to configure the server remotely and to record footage on-the-fly. You can also setup alarms and define recording schedules. Besides the web interface, the application is available for the clients of Mac and Windows platforms. You can view the images from different devices simultaneously on one computer screen or put them on another device, e.g. a TV. The app includes an automatic layout and a timeline that helps to deal with a large volume of surveillance footage. For the video viewing, Genius Vision NVR uses the main advantage of open-source projects - the direct access to the source code. This means that you can modify the app in order to meet your needs. Advanced scheduling features: The scheduling options of the program include various time intervals for recording the activity, daily/weekly/monthly cycles and one-time recordings. The camera properties include the recording time and video resolution. In order to use multiple channels for image collection, Genius Vision NVR includes multiple layouts and the ability to disable the video of specific cameras. The application can also run as a Windows service to record the images without logging in or opening the user interface. Software Requirements: Genius Vision NVR can work with any operating system that supports either the Real Time Process or the DirectShow libraries. The program is compatible with most of the hardware devices that are used for video surveillance. In order to work with any compatible camera, Genius Vision NVR includes a flexible access rights system. The software is designed to support multiple camera types, from standard IP, USB, or RTSP cameras, to a wide variety of webcams. Many surveillance experts consider Genius Vision NVR a perfect combination of high reliability, simplicity of use, and a decent price. You can add more features to your server by downloading the source code from the official website. Genius Vision NVR Community Edition Download: The software requires a 64-bit version of Windows. Since the program does not support the Windows 8 64-bit yet, you can install the 32-bit version of the operating system on your machine. Supported platforms: Intel AMD Windows 2000 - Vista - 8 Genius Vision NVR for Mac is available only

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