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The KEAGAN Eye Test is a refraction that provides a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. 


The refraction includes an evaluation of visual acuity (20/20 etc.) with your current eyeglasses and, at the best corrected prescription, so you can actually see how much improvement it was in the new pair of glasses versus the old one.


As part of a complete package, we fit your frame of choice to your face and use an advanced digital technology to determine the best frame parameters



Traditional refraction is performed by a highly trained technician (eye care physician assistant) or by an optometrist. KEAGAN has well qualified technicians and all refractions, including  voice-actuated subjective refraction VASR™ eye tests and related VASR™ eye care services, are supervised and reviewed by a licensed ophthalmologist (an MD). Your health history is also reviewed and the accuracy of the refraction is checked by the ophthalmologist. 


The biggest difference lies in the refraction technology, the VASR®. Traditional refraction aims for 20/20 as their highest visual acuity. KEAGAN Eyewear uses a new technology that elevates the quality of vision to better than 20/20.

We call it 4K Vision.


There is an estimated of over 1 million eye tests performed using the same KEAGAN refraction technology world wide. The accuracy of the refraction technology has been well established.


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